Residential Services

We do more than just lockouts. We offer a complete line of specialty hardware and decorative trims to go with any house design. We can convert your old out dated locks into the newest and latest Electronic Locks. If it's on a door we can make it look the way you want!

House Lockout
If you can't find your keys give us a call. We can get you back into your house.
Locks Change/Repair

Not all locks are created equal! If you are carrying a pocket full of keys around. Or the lock isn't opening the way it use too. Call Us!

Duplicate Keys

Have you bought keys from a hardware store and they just don't work? There's a reason. Those machines are never calibrated. Our equipment is constantly calibrated for a key that works every time. We can duplicate keys at our shop and onsite.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

If your tired of just carrying keys around, we have a solution. Programmable Deadbolts and Keypad Access. We can ask the right questions, so you can make a great decission.

Non-Destructive Entry

Throughout the country there is a rash of So-Called Locksmiths that promiss you a cheap price on a lockout or rekey or replacement locks. Only to find out when they show up the prices they quoted you are 10 times higher because of one excuse or another. Or they destroy your existing locks to get you in, only to leave you with one option replace with new ones at an exagerated cost. On top of that, they don't even have a business location. Look for their address before calling and see if they are located where they say they are. Most of them work out of their trunks and use local phone numbers and fake addresses to lure you in.

That won't happen here. We will give you prices up front and we have an actual address with a fully stocked shop right here in Tylersport. Don't be scammed by Fake Locksmith Services!

Rekey/ Master key

What is a Master Key?

A master Key system eliminates the need for a bunch of keys, and can also control access to places in a building. A master key is the key that controls all other keys. We can explain how this is a benefit to you. Give us a call!

Garage Locks

If your garage door keys don't match your house keys, we can in most cases re-key your garage doors to your house keys.

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